Full text: The story of Columbus and the World's Columbian Exposition

the admiral wore was accepted by the chief with much pleasure, — 
as this metal was not found in their island. 
The cacique used every endeavor to obtain a large amount 
of gold for the admiral before he sailed. This circumstance, 
with the perpetual allusions to an island further on, rich in this 
metal, and specimens of the pimento and rhubarb, both valuable 
articles of trade, raised the imagination of the admiral to a high 
pitch. He now began to regard all of his trials and misfortunes 
; as providential events ordained by Heaven to further his project. 
If his vessel had not been lost, he reasoned, he would simply 
have touched at points on the coast and passed on. Had the 
master of the Santa Maria obeyed his orders and carried the 
anchor astern on that night.of the shipwreck, the vessel would 
have gone on, and the treasures of the island have remained 
unknown. Truly that is a wise and brave spirit that leads its 
possessor to see the guiding hand of God in all things, even in 
the direst misfortune. ce 
The pervading thought with Columbus, in erecting a fortress 
and maintaining strict military discipline was, that the Spaniards 
themselves could be kept in better order, and be deterred from 
wandering about, to commit acts of lawlessness among the 
natives. The fortress was now completed; it only remained 3 
to give it a name, so he called the village and harbor La Navidad, 
as aremembrance of their escape from the wreck of the ship 
on Christmas Day. | 
Calli es the colonists together, the admiral carne en] joined a 
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