Full text: The story of Columbus and the World's Columbian Exposition

by Columbus was impossible of realization, if not positively 
Some of the arguments brought to ridicule, or rather to: 
- disprove the theory of Columbus, were so silly that it seems 
impossible that men of actual sense and learning should have 
brought them forward. 
One was that on the declaration of St. Augustine, the idea 
of an antipodes was impossible. For he had said that to believe 
that there existed other lands on the opposite side of the globe 
that were inhabited, was to say there were nations who did not 
descend from Adam, as it would have been impossible for them 
to pass the ocean that lay between, and therefore he who asserted 
this was throwing discredit upon the Bible, which positively says. 
that all men are descended from’one common parent. 
Another objector declared that even if the earth were round 
it was only peopled in the northern half, and the other half was 
a chaos, and if a ship could reach the extremity of India (which 
was all that Columbus himself expected) it could never return 
again, for the roundness of the globe would form a sort of 
mountain, up which no vessel could sail, even with the strongest — 
- wind! ; ? 
Others again laughed at the theory of an antipodes, where 
“all things are topsy-turvy, where the trees grow with their 
- branches downward, and where it rains, hails and snows upward.” 
The schoolboys of to-day could answer these objections, 
but they are given here merely to show how curiously the 
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